Black Tracks Remote Kimberley treks


In an age where our lives are more and more removed from pristine wilderness and connection to spirit and culture, Black Tracks is making a profound difference to people seeking an adventure that engages all the senses. Developing an interdependent relationship between Kimberley Aboriginal culture and adventure, Black Tracks is blazing a trail, which is seldom achieved on this scale anywhere else on the continent. 

An adventure with Black Tracks will leave you feeling invigorated and recharged with the energy of this ancient land. You will leave with a feeling of greater appreciation and worth for this amazing and remote landscape and habitat. It will have a lasting impact on your life and connection to this wondrous place.


BLACK TRACKS specialises in exclusive, small group Bush Treks that immerse the traveller in Australia's extraordinary Kimberley wilderness. Trekking rugged countryside, filled with a unique diversity of flora, fauna and wild river systems, these treks provide access to traditional Aboriginal land and allow glimpses into traditional life, alongside the history of the pastoral industry pioneers.


Black Tracks also offers exclusive, small group Art Treks deep in the West Kimberley. These Treks involve the discovery of ancient rock art galleries featuring 20,000 year old Aboriginal art including, the Bradshaws and the Wandjinas, 

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