Black Tracks Remote Kimberley treks

Remote Wilderness Treks in the Kimberley


The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.

Francis Bacon

Black Tracks promises a a truly remarkable experience for all our clients. Each trip is as unique as it is remote. Through our long and historical connection with the Kimberley, we know and understand the country and it's terrain better than most, which gives us the opportunity to follow the ancient pathways through stunnning river and range systems in the East Kimberley.


The Durack, the Carr Boyd and Speewah Treks are part of a 225km trilogy which starts at the Chamberlain River and finishes at the spectacular Lake Argyle. This can be done as one 23 day trek or three separate treks. Our fourth Trek is Purnululu, which is a combination of trekking, art and Aboriginal culture in Purnululu National Park (often known as the Bungle Bungles).  


Endurance Walks

The Remote Wilderness Treks come with varying physical demands. The four walks - The Durack, Carr Boyd, Speewah and Purnululu involve carrying up to 15-20kg packs for 7-8 days over diverse terrain. With the correct preparation and support from our qualified Trek Leaders, anyone with reasonable levels of fitness can enjoy this special experience.Please see our Fitness Prepartion for more information on getting prepared.


Each night will be spent in a different, isolated and stunning location where will set up camp under the breathtaking Kimberley night sky. Where possible, we camp by rivers so we can try our luck with the local barramundi. 


Day Pack Walks

We have also designed a special trek for those who would rather spend the day trekking without the heavy weight of a backpack. The Dunham trek involves one or two base camps which the group return to at the end of each day. We use 4WDs and walking to discover art, waterfalls and stunning landscapes still off the beaten track and isolated parts of the East Kimberley. 


For more information on what to bring, what is provided and more details about camping, walking, food, etc. Please go to HEAVY PACK TREKS. For more information about the kinds of fitness preparation you can do, please visit Fitness Preparation. For all other questions you may have, please Contact Us.