Art Trek Overview

Venturing into the Kimberley wilderness... 


From the scenic Gibb River Rd, we drive into an isolated part of the West Kimberley, where hidden amongst some of the most spectacular gorges and escarpment, we will explore the ancient rock art that lines natural mazes and traditional campsites.


Along the way we gain insight into the rugged and remote landscape while learning about its cultural and historical significance. In a one of a kind journey, Black Tracks offers a privileged and fascinating adventure into a part of the world only few have ventured.



The Art Treks are 7 or 8 days duration between the months of June to September. Please see Dates & Prices for more information.



Our days will consist of 4x4 wheel driving and walking (up to 10 kms).


Day to Day

During the day we will discover ancient rock art caves, we'll take you to spectacular look outs that show you just how deep in the Kimberley wilderness you are. We'll swim in waterfalls and taste traditional bush tucker. 


During the evening, we'll camp beside billabongs and running streams. We will prepare delicious dinners around a campfire where you'll have the opportunity to discuss the day’s discoveries and hear stories of the land, history and culture. You may choose to sit back and read a book, go fishing, enjoy the strum of a guitar or join in for a sing-a-long.




You will be provided with tents and swags, draped with mosquito nets which will offer comfortable sleeping under a clear, star-filled Kimberley sky. For more information go to Camping.



We will cater to all dietary requirements. See What to Bring for more information.

Black Tracks Kimberley Art Tours & Adventures
Black Tracks Kimberley Art Tours & Adventures
Black Tracks Kimberley Art Tours & Adventures