Black Tracks Kimberley Art Tours

Local Guides

When possible, local Aboriginal guides and trainees will accompany us on the treks through the Rock Art. The Trainees are from nearby town, Mount Elizabeth. There ancestors painted the stories on the rock and their families are the keepers of the knowledge of that area.


Note. In Western Australia in 1905 a legislation was created that assumed Aboriginal people were a 'dying race' and forced assimilation of future generations. This led to families being taken off country and forced into missions. Children were separated from their families and country and consequently, many of the connections to the stories and history of the rock art and dreamtime were lost. 


In some cases, stories were shared amongst the differing Aboriginal language groups forced ogether in the Missions. Today, some of those people remain the keepers of that knowledge and now work with the younger generations to teach them the connection between the stories and the art. It is hoped that these trainees will be the ‘future leaders’ and provide travellers with the opportunity to gain insight into their knowledge of their culture, their art and region.