Carr Boyd

Commencing west of the mighty Carr Boyd Ranges we trek southeasterly to link up with and follow Cabbage Tree Creek. From there we begin the climb into the Carr Boyd range. First break takes us to the base of the crossing and a stunning waterfall at Harry’s pool. We continue through the ranges, passing through some ancient and majestic surrounds till we cross the Bad Lands in search of Revolver Creek. The highlight of the trek for which nothing can prepare you, is the sight of the East Kimberley's highest waterfall.


To finish the trek in style, we are picked up by a boat at Lake Argyle, taken for a swim in the middle of the lake (don’t worry – no crocs) and end our journey at Lake Argyle village. The total trek is approx 80kms. Note. Lake Argyle is some 70 kms long and 32 kms wide.



The season is best between May and September.


We set dates for trips but also customise for private group tours with a minimum of 8 participants.

For more details, see Dates & Prices.

  • Harry’s water Fall

  • Carr Boyd Range crossing

  • Bad Lands

  • Revolver Creek

  • Revolver falls

  • Lake Argyle boat trip

  • Fishing

A Challenging Trek

The Carr Boyd is ranked as a challenging trek and requires a reasonable to good level of fitness. We will be walking in varying terrain carrying up to 15-20kg packs for 75kms over 8 days. This requires good preparation in terms of fitness as well as the gear you bring, i.e. a good pair of walking boots. 


For more information on what to bring, what is provided and more details about camping, walking, food, etc. Please go to ENDURANCE TREKS. For more information about the kinds of fitness preparation you can do, please visit Fitness Preparation. For all other questions you may have, please Contact Us.