Black Tracks Remote Kimberley Walks

Day Pack Treks

For active walkers who prefer to take in the scenery, swim in the beautiful gorges and visit Aboriginal communities WITHOUT carrying 20kgs backpacks, Black Tracks offers Lightweight, vehicle supported treks. This means, you can still get to remote destinations, take time to absorb the natural Aboriginal art galleries and take time to visit an Aboriginal community.


After a long day of walking through freshwater gorges or swimming in a waterfall or, echoing through canyons, or admiring the East Kimberley's plants and wildlife, we chill out! You can cast a line into a freshwater pool with the hopes of catching the evening meal, read a book, or go for a swim before settling back to relax and eat a well deserved dinner by the warmth of the campfire, under the spectacular Kimberley night sky.


Treks can be tailored for small group needs.  

Day pack treks with vehicle support to more difficult or challenging trekking!


3 - 6 Day Trek


  • Walking in Purnululu National Park

  • 4 days walking on the Dunham River

  • Visit to Warmun Aboriginal community


Wander through the Gija Aboriginal Art Centre, meet Aboriginal people from the local community, hear stories from the region and immerse yourself in a cross cultural exchange. .



A helicopter ride over the Purnululu ranges. 

Canoeing down Lake Argyle in Kununurra.

“The measure of a society is not only what it does 

but the quality of its aspirations.”

Wade Davis

The Dunham is a very special trip. Excellent walking, scenery and cultural engagement without the weight of a heavy pack and the luxury of a campsite set up just for you, at the end of a long day. The Dunham adventure will seek the expertise of local guides in the Purnululu National Park to give you the most indepth understanding of the art, culture and ecology of the area. 


The trekking requires reasonable fitness and some preparation. For example, it is recommended you bring a good pair of worn walking boots. 


For more information on what to bring, what is provided and more details about camping, walking, food, etc. Please go to ENDURANCE TREKS. For more information about the kinds of fitness preparation you can do, please visit Fitness Preparation. For all other questions you may have, please Contact Us.

Mixing Trekking with Culture

The season is best between May and September.


We set dates for trips but also customise for private group tours with a minimum of 8 participants.

For more details, see Dates & Prices.