• Osmond Range

  • Little and Big Gorge

  • Ancient cycad garden

  • Sturt Creek

  • Red Rock Creek

  • Purnululu – Echidna Chasm, Cathedral George, Kawarda

  • Warmun Community and Art 



The season is best between May and September.


We set dates for trips but also customise for private group tours with a minimum of 8 participants.

For more details, see Dates & Prices.

Commencing at Osmond Valley Station, the trek follows the majestic Osmond Range and its ageless, gentle water systems. Arriving at Date Palm Creek we then navigate our way to Red Rock Creek before entering the northern section of the iconic Purnululu, also known as the Bungle Bungles.


We spend a day exploring the supreme massif with highlights of Echidna Chasm and Cathedral George. For those seeking more adventure, a spectacular helicopter flight can be arranged. The total trek is approx 40kms. On our drive back to Kununurra, we visit Warmun community, meet some of the locals and get taken to the well known art gallery and home to the art of late Rover Thomas.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

An Easy to Moderate Trek

Purnululu is our most laid back 'Big Pack' treks. We still carry the 15-20 kg packs but the walk is around 40kms and is done over 6 days so we are able to take our time in each of the swimming holes, relax in the serene gorge system, throw a line and hope for some Barra, or just explore the area where we lay the camp. 


For more information on what to bring, what is provided and more details about camping, walking, food, etc. Please go to ENDURANCE TREKS. For more information about the kinds of fitness preparation you can do, please visit Fitness Preparation. For all other questions you may have, please Contact Us.