Commencing at the old Speewah homestead we get our first glimpse of Kimberley pioneering endeavors. A short walk from the station we join up with the Dunham River, which takes us to the beginning of our journey through the rugged East Kimberley landscape.


The trek weaves through ranges, hillsides and rocky outcrops and meets up with the River at the end of each day. To guide us through the unmarked territory, we use a combination of the natural landscape, maps and compasses. Anyone keen to experience the art and skill of traditional and technological navigation has lots of opportunity to learn. 


The Dunham River provides constant refreshment, an opportunity to cool off or dip the feet in after a hard day's walk. It also provides us with our daily supply of fresh fish, generally sweet tasting catfish and if we’re really lucky, fresh barramundi.


One of the highlights of this 8 day trek is discovering Back Gorge and exploring its surrounds. We spend a magnificent afternoon under the shadows of the eucalypts trees and belly swollen boabs before watching the sunset and spending the evening by the fire on the banks of the river at the foot of the gorge. To complete the Trek we walk to Dunham Bridge where we are met by our driver and return to Kununurra. The trek is approximately 70 kms.

  • Speewah homestead

  • Dunham River system

  • Majestic landscape

  • Back Gorge

  • Saw Range crossing



The season is best between May and September.


We set dates for trips but also customise for private group tours with a minimum of 8 participants.

For more details, see Dates & Prices.

A Moderately Challenging Walk

Speewah is rated as a moderately difficult trek. It requires reasonable fitness. We will be walking in varying terrain carrying up to 15-20kg packs for 70kms over 7 days. This requires good preparation in terms of fitness as well as the gear you bring, i.e. a good pair of walking boots. 


For more information on what to bring, what is provided and more details about camping, walking, food, etc. Please go to ENDURANCE TREKS. For more information about the kinds of fitness preparation you can do, please visit Fitness Preparation. For all other questions you may have, please Contact Us.