Black Tracks Kimberley Art Tours

Private/Small Group Adventures

Black Tracks allows a maximum of 12 people to each group tour. We believe smaller groups enable a more intimate travel experience and provides greater opportunity for the group to interact with, and learn from, the Group Leaders and guides. Furthermore, smaller group sizes enable more effective movement between destinations, and limits our ecological impact on the places we visit.



Black Tracks is one of very few companies in the Kimberley offering the intensity of Aboriginal cultural engagement and access to truly remote country. We consistently research new routes and destinations and lead by example in responsible and ethical tourism including, engaging local Aboriginal groups in our business, as well as understanding the biological diversity and its protection.


It is important to us that tourism benefits the local communities and we want to champion this through the types of journeys we offer.


Cultural Sensitivity

We are an Aboriginal owned company that works with and trains Aboriginal leaders. One of the foundations of Black Tracks philosophy is to employ and engage with local people and businesses to improve social and economic development, as well as increase and enhance cross cultural engagement. 


By engaging local guides or trainees, we provide employment and training and increase traveller’s opportunities to get beyond the guide books and the main tourist attractions. Having a local on your trek, opens the way to a more genuine acquaintance with the country you walk through. 


Please note. All trips are led by highly experienced Guides who have knowledge of the Kimberley region and Aboriginal culture. Our aim is to always provide guides from the local area however, they are not always available for the trips. 



Your safety is our priority. Trip leaders are trained and certified in first aid and crisis management and are proficient in rescue management. Prevention is foremost with Black Tracks but we are prepared for all scenarios. We are mostly out of mobile phone range while in the Kimberley and carry a satellite phone with us for emergencies. Emergency contact details will be provided to clients before departing on the trip. 

Special Features